Long before the tent goes up, the music starts and the acrobats flood the ring volunteers from all walks of life spend countless hours making preparations for the thousands of families that will come to the park.

The passionate and talented volunteers from each community that Midnight Circus in the Parks plays are the unsung heroes of the circus.

These folks make up a unique group, the Park Advisory Council…or as we say the PAC!

The PAC members work tirelessly spreading the word about the circus coming to their park. And when it does they are right their popping popcorn, selling tickets, ushering, and doing anything that needs to be done to make sure the circus comes off without a hitch.

No small feat when you consider nearly 20,000 people came out to see Midnight Circus in 2014!

Hats off to all our volunteers and a very special standing ovation to the PAC’s!

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